Thursday, July 27, 2006

We're in North Carolina!

Well, I don't have any pictures to post this time. Our digital camera broke on the way here...don't ask me how, it wasn't in the moving van...but it's definitely broken, making wierd sounds and everything. We are currently staying at Bryan, Melissa and Charlie's house in Asheville. It's a ways to church (about 35 min.) but it works well since they are at camp for the summer. Our search for a house has finally come to an end. We are so excited! The house is in the country, with a covered front porch, just like we've dreamed about having some day. The Lord has truly blessed us. We fell like we are "home." We love this part of the country and we love this church. They have made us feel very welcome. Will is loving his new job. He's planning hikes, a mission trip to Louisianna and a VBS. Already lots going on. Gaines is doing great, having fun playing with all of Charlie's toys. Rudy is running loose at camp, glad to be back at her ol' stomping grounds. Her and Bruno, her boxer boyfriend are back to their old ways. Anyway, we are doing great and like I said, so excited to be here. The youth group here is dwindling, and needs prayers. They were ready for Will to get back and get things going again. Please pray for this ministry.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 4th

We had a great trip to Michigan for the fourth. All of my cousins had decided at Christmas to plan on going home for the fourth of July holiday. It was sooo good to see everyone. The trip went by way too fast. Now that some of us have started having kids- there is little time to visit- we're chasing the little ones around...but it is still so great to get together.

Gaines calls his nose his "pee-you"

Maddox had his first dip in the
swimming pool!

Binder Zoo...pretty cool that you can feed the girafes!

For some reason Gaines was infatuated with this
little ditch. He found it to be a perfect seat for him.

Gaines couldn't quite figure out where the rest
of his dad was!