Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Cowboys

We are in our house! We had lots of help moving in and although we still have some boxes left we are starting to feel somewhat settled. We have been living on the front porch. It was so cool the other was raining and Gaines could still play outside! He has a little house on the porch that used to be his buddy, Charlie's. He is obsessed with that house! He opens the shutters, throws all his balls through the window, then goes around to the front door, opens the door, gets the balls and starts the whole process over again. The view is pretty awesome, and as Sonya and I went for a walk yesterday morning we realized that we live right next to an enormous apple orchard. We were really enjoying our walk until a german shepard charged us! Anyway...we are really loving it. Will did a great job with VBS with lots of help. The kids head back to school this week and next. Will and our minister are doing a "prayer walk" next week. They'll go to all the kid's schools and pray over the administration and the kids. We went to camp today to visit rudy. She has lost a lot of weight. Will is putting in an electric fence tomorrow, we can't wait to have her back!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Gaines' First Kiss!

Well, Gaines has had a pretty rough day. Two major down a couple stairs and then one face first into a coffee table. Talk about a goose egg! His poor little head has a couple good bruises, he has more molars coming in and he has another issue we wont talk about. Just a hard day. However, everything got better this evening as we were headed out of a local restaurant. This little babe caught his eye. She was exactly his height, long brown hair, and very cute...As soon as they saw eachother their eyes locked, they smiled and moved in REALLY close, nose to nose. She made the first move, kissed him on the cheek. A crowd was gathering. I told him to blow her a kiss bye and he didn't stop at that. He went in for another smooch, it ended up being more like a head butt, but he was definitely aiming for the lips. Maybe he'll see her again someday, but if not, he'll always have the memory of that first kiss!