Friday, July 11, 2008

Gaines and Daddy having too much fun!

Brandon and my parents went in on a soccer goal for Gaines' birthday. He has LOVED it. Sometimes putting on his cleats first thing in the morning. Yesterday I went outside to find the boys practicing their celebration dance. Later in the day Gaines asked to go outside (While Will was gone) - he decided he needed to practice his victory lap again. I think he was having a bit too much fun. He's crazy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Journey to Michigan

Well, we made it! The kids and I are back home from our journey to Nashville then to Michigan. The kids did so well traveling and I am grateful to all those who were kind to us at the airport. I encourage all of you who are reading this to keep an eye out for mothers traveling with kids by them! On the way home we sat next to a guy who is in the army and is stationed where Brandon will be, although he is leaving for Iraq soon. He was so friendly to Gaines. The poor guy was trying to read a book the whole flight but Gaines kept talking his ear off. It was pretty funny- I think he got a kick out of Gaines. Anyway, we are home safe and thankful for a safe and fun trip. Marcie and Josh's shower was really nice. They got some awesome gifts! We can't wait to meet Maeley!

Morgan and Ana thoroughly enjoyed their first swim!

Forget the pool, where are the donuts?

We went to the zoo or as Gains calls it...the gazoo with the Cope kids. They were all so good with Gaines and Ana.

Gaines loves his GG.

Ana and her Grandpa Leeser

Forrest, Brooke, Taelor, Ana and Gaines

Aunt Tina (my Dad's sister) and Gary flew in from Oregon to spend some time with the fam. It was so great to see her!

One afternoon Andrew, Linc, my Dad, Gaines and I took a little trip over to friend's lake.

Lincoln is such a sweet boy. He seems like a deep thinker...always studying everything he sees. He is sure to be a smarty pants like both his parents:)

My sweet girl!