Monday, June 16, 2008

My Little Helper

This past week I made our friend Tiera a birthday dinner. Gaines helped me with's a clip of him assisting me in the kitchen:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Missions Camp

Last weekend we spent some time in Jellico because Will was helping Steve Meeks with Missions Camp. There were 12 campers who attended (one of them our very own Emily Blake). The camp is specifically held for those who are seriously interested in missions. Kevin Bryan (producer of the H2O videos) came to help show the campers how to use media to reach the lost. The kids heard missionaries from around the world speak, were put through mock situations that missionaries encounter, ate foods from many countries and produced 8- 30 sec. commercials featuring the Celebrate Recovery program that are being shown on TV in both Tennessee and North Carolina. We really enjoyed being involved. The videos they made will soon be posted on the web at

Hannah and Ana fell asleep together for nearly two hours, it was so cute.

Gaines had an absolute blast playing with Josh while we were there. Josh is nearly seven and Gaines had to work pretty hard to keep up with him. Most the time they were running around outside or jumping on the trampoline, but one afternoon they decided to have their own tea party! They thought they were pretty cool getting to have their own meal together. They invented a new specialty dish...almond soup.
Josh's older brothers all sell puppies to help earn money for their college tuition. Currently they have 15 pups!
Ana thinks she needs one.
The first day the campers arrived the staff turned the church building into an airport in Africa. Will fully enjoyed harrassing the kids.
Monday afternoon Donna fixed a West African lunch of black peas, rice and a VERY spicy tomato sauce. She wrapped Ana onto my back and had me join the women in serving the meal. This is a common sight in Kenya.
Because Josh is the youngest of five, he has never gotten to experience being the big brother, and he would be a good one. He loved holding Ana and asked to do so about every 15 minutes!
This is a picture of Curtis. He has overcome a chemical dependency through the Celebrate Recovery Program. He says that it is only through his new found relationship with Jesus Christ that it was possible for him to get off drugs.
Here is Kevin shooting one of the commercials. Emily is in the pink.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Last weekend our family headed out to "the holler"... seriously, that's what it's called! Will met a guy at a youth minister's lunch who is starting up a Christian camp on his family land. He invited our family out for dinner and a worship service- located in a barn on campus. Gaines had the best time playing with the other kids and Will had the best time rolling down the hill in a big tractor tire! It was pretty funny- watch the clip below!