Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gaines Gym Party

Gaines celebrated his 3rd birthday this past weekend at Olympia Gymnastics (the gym he goes to every Tuesday) with about 10 of his friends. They stretched, they jumped, they swang, they ran and they laughed...oh, and ate chocolate cake (Gaines favorite part)! Here's Gaines and his best buddy, Charlie!
Addy and Hayla enjoyed the cake as well:)
I made something like this for our Super Bowl party, and Gaines requested it for his party.

Gaines getting all stretched out for class.

Charlie had his birthday party out at camp the next day.
He was so excited about the fishing pole Gaines got him that he carried it around with him for the rest of the party...even dragging it with him up the huge wall and down the slide! What a funny kid.

Spit up and Smiles

Well, little Ana has had a hard week. She has been dealing with some pretty severe (and disgusting) projectile spit-up. We took her to the Dr. and he thinks it is either reflux or phyloric stenosis (not sure how to spell it)...which would require surgery. Please be praying that the medicine he prescribed for reflux will work in a hurry! The Dr. said if it doesn't work within a few days we will need to consult a pediatric surgeon. Besides the tummy issues the little girl is doing great. She is still putting on weight and she has started showing off her smile. It's so much fun when they start showing a little personality!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Will and Gaines have been busy fishing and "beaver trapping" the last couple days. Carl (owner of Camp Highlander) called Will last week and said he had a beaver problem again. A few years back Will had trapped two beavers for him that had been making their home under the slide in the pond. It must seem like a great place to build because it's happening again. So, Will and his little helper went out there and while they were there ended up spending the WHOLE dayfishing. Gaines had so much fun- he even held the worms and the fish in his hands (which is a really big deal bc typically Gaines doesn't like to touch anything questionable). We bought Gaines' little buddy Charlie a fishing pole for his b-day, so hopefully the two little guys can have some fun together this spring and summer reeling in some "big ones."

Here's Ana all bundled up to go outside with her big brother.
The Cromwell's came last weekend to see their new cousin...Molly was hillarious- you have to watch that girl EVERY SECOND:)
Tucker loved holding Ana
A girl in the youth group made this little hat for Ana
This is the sling my mom found at a craft show. It has come in VERY handy. Ana falls right asleep everytime I put her in it.