Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Little Joseph

Last week Gaines had a Christmas program at school. I think it was one of the most precious things I've ever witnessed! Gaines was a fabulous Joseph! He and Mary made a very sweet couple. The class sang Christmas carols and acted out the coming of Christ. I hope to never forget this special Christmas memory.

These are Gaines' best buddies...Nicholas and Christian
Here are Gaines wonderful teachers...Mrs. Babbit and Mrs. Holbert

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Here is a picture of our friend Jonathan with our two kiddos. They love Jonathan and his wonderful wife Heather. J&H had their own precious baby this past week...welcome Nathan Scott Williams!
Little baby girl has FINALLY started to crawl! We were starting to get worried...but, she DOES have a lot of weight to carry around:) I took her to the Dr. today- 95% for length, 90% for weight. Gotta love those fat legs!
Gaines loves to hold Ana- although, in this pictures SHE looks bigger than HIM:)
We had such a great trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving. It went by way too fast. The rest of the pictures are from our trip.
Here is Linc, Gaines and Ana in Nana and Papa's tub.
Nana got the children matching PJs.
When we got to Battle Creek (the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving) I took Ana to the baby class. Once I got her in her seat, there were five babies sitting at the table...all cousins! It was so sweet. The best part was finally getting to meet Braylon (Amanda and Drew's little boy) and Maeley (Josh and Marcie's little girl). At the end of this post I included a short little video clip of all the babies at the table.
Aunt Erin with Maeley.I love these girls!Cousin Taelor with the chubs.
Lincoln, Ana, Mya
The whole fam...even Brandon, who successfully suprised us!

Bible class with the baby cousins.