Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This was the Third now annual Tucker Family Vacation. The Tuckers vacationed in Gulf Shores a lot when the kids were young, but I had never been. We had such a great time! The pool was great, the beach was awesome (although a few days the waves were so big we weren't allowed to swim), and the restaurants were fun (we went to Lamberts- home of the thrown roll, and to LuLu's right on the Fried Green Tomatoes EVER!). Gaines had so much fun with his cousins that he was in tears when we had to leave.

These three were inseparable!

No swimming!

For those of you who don't know, Will's mom had a major back surgery in the spring. The surgery was done to straighten out a severe curve in her back. She now has a lot of hardware in her back...two rods and 23 screws! Needless to say, she has been quite uncomfortable! We are so glad she was able to come on the trip, although she wasn't able to do everything she's used to. Please pray for her healing to continue.
Ana was such a water baby...she loved the pool!

All the guys went golfing, even Gaines and Tuck.Friday everyone besides HB, Ana and me took a boat out to the gulf.. They saw dolphins, jumped off the boat and caught all kinds of little minnows- actually, Will caught a pretty good sized catfish in his net.
Lamberts was definitely one of the trip highlights. Here is Gaines eating a real frog leg...eewwhh!

This is a clip of the swimming triangle. Gaines started out swimming full time with a life jacket and by the end of the week he was jumping off the side and swimming quite a ways with out help. The next Phelps!


When Will took a group of kids from the youth group to Memphis my parents and Grandpa came to keep the kids and me entertained. My Grandpa had never been to our house so we were very honored that he made the long trip. He and Gaines bonded very well! It was so funny to see Gaines interact with him just as I remember doing as a little kid. He still uses all the same lines, all the same little jokes, and they still work!