Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A couple weeks ago we were eating lunch and Gaines noticed there were horses in our yard...this happens a couple times a year. It's always sort of funny to see them just roaming around doing their thing.Ana is still not moving forward, but she does do a little scoot backwards. I was cleaning the kitchen and peaked in to check on her and I found her like this. She had backed herself right under the couch.
The following pictures are from our trip to Nashville and Searcy.

While in Nashville we did our annual pumpkin carving contest with the Tuckers. Here are the kiddos working on their pumpkins.

Molly and Gaines
Family Picture
Karley, Molly and Tuck

Ana has a thing for sticking out her tongue.
We went to Will's High School reunion this month...Ana couldn't quite make it through the afternoon.
Uncle Brandon was nice enough to come visit us twice while we were in Nashville.

We went to the zoo with the Cromwell kids like we often do. I miss having a zoo so close!

One day while we were in Nashville the kids and I went to spend the day with my friend Brandy and her kids. Ruby was so funny with Ana. She so badly wanted to hold her EVERY second!
We also had lunch with our friend Chris Anne and her kids Campbell and Andrew.
Gaines and his buddy Campbell.
Uncle Drew had Gaines squealing and screaming and running around like a crazy man.
So sweet.
If you didn't know it before, this picture proves it...Pops is REALLY flexible!
The crew we took to Harding.
Me and my babe.
We always LOVE getting to see Ali!
Dane, Hannah, Maia, and Josiah (Alli Kate was sleeping during this picture)
Dane and Hannah just recently got baby chickens...Gaines was pretty intrigued.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Catching Up

Well, I've done it again, let way too long pass before posting! Here are some pics from the last couple months...

Brandon came to visit before he started his residency in KY. It is so funny to take him hiking- Will always choses to take him places you can go swimming too. Brandon's reactions to cold water are priceless! I think he had fun after he got over the shock:)
Ana is sitting up really well now. It is so nice to be able to put some toys on the floor and get something done in 10 min. increments.
Gaines found one of our head lamps recently and has had the best time building caves to use it in!

Believe it or not, Gaines started pre-school this fall! He really loves it. We had our first parent-teacher conferences yesterday and it made us feel really old! The teacher said Gaines is a friend to everybody (just like his daddy).
The following three pictures were taken at Sonya and Erik's. Ali and I met up with them in Knoxville a few weekends ago. We had the BEST time and Ana got lots of lovin'.

Ana is eating solids now and gets really eager as soon as I sit her in her booster. Her rolls show she isn't lacking nurishment!
Recently Will sold his road bike and used the $ to get a trampoline. The kids are loving it, but Will is having more fun than anybody. He is truly a kid at heart...probably why he makes such a good Youth Minister.

Ana is NOT crawling yet...not even close. Fine by me. Instead, she kind of rocks on her belly doing a super man move. Here's a clip...