Monday, February 26, 2007

February Pictures

Gaines taking his gator for a spinWe had our back yard leveled out last week so that Gaines would have a flat place to play, Charles Smith (a friend from camp) did the job for us and let Gaines "drive" the tractor

Mohawk Man...this is my new favorite way to style my buddy's hair!
Will and I got to take some girls from church to visit Harding this month. We got to meet up with a bunch of Harding friends. Here is Taylor Ross and his five year old son Dickson.
Saturday night we all went to the Bison Basketball game. Hannah bough Alli Kate some popcorn...Gaines found a good seat right next to them!
Alli Kate is a Bison fan and knows how to really break it down when the band would start to play. Gaines was watching her every move and picked up on it really quickly!
We stayed at Ali's parent's house, so she came home from Little Rock for the weekend. It was so good to see her! Ali said she was kinds of jealous of the competition Alli Kate was giving her for Gaines attention:)
A prince and his princess
Two very good daddies...Will and Gaines, Dane and Josiah
Dr. Justus made friends with Gaines very quickly!
Terrible picture of us...but I had to put one on here of Mom and Grandma (GG). Gaines and I flew up to Michigan for a few days. There was a terrible blizzard which made to whole trip crazy...but as always, it was worth it!
Papa took Gaines for a carousel ride at the mall. We couldn't play outside because it was -11 degrees
Gaines got to experience the Leeser tradition of Sunday night popcorn for the first time:) He's a fan
Gaines liked the new towel Nana got him, he kept saying, "Tiger...Rawr"
Gaines and I got stuck in Detroit one night due to the blizzard. Uncle Terry and Aunt Peg came to the rescue as always. They treated us like royalty! Brandon and his new pup Tela came and spent the night too. The next morning Brandon showed up his apartment and let Gaines feed his fish.